The Olympic torch is a symbol known throughout the world. Originating in ancient Greece, the flame burned throughout the ancient Olympic games and has been a prominent tradition in the modern games since 1928. Prior to every opening ceremony, the torch passes from city to city by athlete to athlete. The routes and the athletes chosen both symbolize great achievements and milestones. Not only is a torch part of our conference logo this year, it is a symbol of everything great we have done – and the even bigger things yet to come. So what better way to gear up for Lake Placid than to pass a torch! A digital torch, that is. We invite you to create a torch that symbolizes one of your greatest achievements this year. After you make your torch, take a photo with it and upload it to the social media site of your choosing (Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.) Be sure to hashtag it with #ItsOurTime as we will be collecting all photos with this hashtag and be displaying them in Lake Placid. It will be a culmination of all our cities, all of our athletes, coming together to celebrate our time. If you don’t have Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you can manually upload your photos below.